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Stitch Buzz - Pattern Making-Seam Allowance Ruler Set- 5/8" or 1.5 - Imperial

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Stitch Buzz - Pattern Making-Seam Allowance Ruler Set -  5/8" - Metric


🔹Quickly add seam allowances to self-drafted patterns and Burdastyle
🔹Mark the stitch line on a pattern or fabric (measure the stitch line for fit)
🔹Includes armhole curve, straight ruler and more
🔹Remove seam allowances for fitting
🔹Blend design lines

Stitch Buzz pattern making rulers made for pattern drafting, pattern alterations, garment alterations, and adding seam allowances to patterns! 

Originally called, SA Curve ruler, this set is sensational! They are designed not only to mark the seam allowance location for fitting and measuring, but to add seam allowances to the European patterns. They are great to blend design lines or change the size of the seam allowance. You can also mark the stitching line directly on the fabric to sew those tricky areas like princess seams and armholes! Save time by drawing the pattern lines while adding the seam allowance at the same time because you can mark both sides of the ruler!

SA Curve Pattern Drafter Rulers are 4 rulers in 1. The larger pattern drafter has a #17 Dietzgen French Curve, a hip curve, a straight ruler and a seam allowance ruler. The overall dimensions of the larger ruler are approximately 16 inches long by 6 inches tall and 1/8th inch in acrylic thickness. It also conveniently includes lengthwise lines at 1/8th inch intervals so that other seam allowance widths are possible. They are made with vivid green acrylic with edge glow and black and white printing making them easy to see on fabric and paper.

SA Curve Mini ruler has additional and smaller curves. The Mini ruler is great for children's patterns, lingerie patterns and smaller radius curves like the crotch curve and more. The approximate dimensions are 12 x 4 inches and 1/8th inch thick cast acrylic.

Made in the USA

• Garment sewing rulers made for pattern drafting, pattern alterations,
garment alterations
• 4 rulers in 1: French Curve, Hip Curve Straight Ruler, Vary Form Curve
• Add seam Allowance to European Patterns
• Draft your own patterns
• Seam guide ruler for pattern design, pattern alterations and garment
• Contrasting green acrylic is easy to see
• laser-cut thick acrylic that is easy to see and easy to use

Both rulers are made from vivid green acrylic with edge glow and black and white printing. 

Made in the USA.

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