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Sewing Gem

Sewing Gem - Handmade Darning Egg

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Sewing Gem  -  Handmade Darning Egg

  • Hand Turned on a lathe with care by our Craftsman in Nottinghamshire. Made from sustainable hard wood finished with a natural wax.
  • The ideal tool for your mending and a gorgeous addition to your kit.
  • The smooth surface makes darning a breeze and wont snag on delicate fabrics.
  • Hold egg under area which is to be darned to give stability and to stop over stretching or bagging.
  • Beautiful Traditional wooden tool used for a variety of mending and decoration

Dimensions 50mm x 75mm approx

Due to the nature of the wood the colour and grain with vary from the item pictured.

Available in Oak, Ash or Elm