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Sew Easy

Prym - Tailors Pressing Ham

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 Sew Easy - Tailors Pressing Ham

  • Practical aids for ironing necklines, waist bands, cuffs, darts or curving seams
  • Double use for a variety of ironing temperatures
  • Durable and long lasting essential kit
  • 20 cm x 14 cm x 10 cm

Product information

The tailor's ham from Prym is a practical aid, which no sewing and craft work fan should be without. Folds in fabric in necklines, waist bands, cuffs, darts or curving seams can quite simply be ironed out. Side seams and seam allowances no longer push through. Doubly useful: The cotton side is suitable for smooth fabrics and higher temperature settings, the checked wool side for lower temperatures and more voluminous materials. The tailor's ham is impressively durable with its high quality workmanship, discretely edged padding and perfectly finished seams. A useful aid, which takes care of the ironing of the finishing touches for every single sewing project!