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Prym - Appliqué Scissors - 15 cm Rose Gold

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Prym - Appliqué  Scissors - 15 cm Rose Gold

  Precision embroidery scissors in a modern colour scheme

  •  For appliqué, overlocking and quilting projects
  •  Specially shaped curved blades and handle prevent damage to the fabric or the appliqué motif.

Product information

These appliqué scissors are presented in the modern rose gold colour and are ideal for appliqué, overlocking and quilting projects. The secret lies in the shape of these precision embroidery scissors, which prevents damage to the fabric or the appliqué motif. Thanks to the lower curve in the cutting blade they can be placed quite flat on the fabric and in this way superfluous material can easily be cut away from the appliqué motif. The angle of the scissors handle also ensures that the cutting blade can be brought especially close to the fabric.