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John James

John James - Betweens/Quilting - Envelope of 25 Hand Sewing Needles

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John James -  Betweens/Quilting -  Envelope - 25 Hand Sewing Needles

John James Needles is a great British brand you can be proud of.

John James needles, have a history dating back to the very start of needle manufacture in the UK and we have a needle for every needlecraft discipline.

The name of John James is still recognised by needle crafters around the globe and is renowned for quality and reliability.

  • Quilting needles, sometimes referred to as Betweens needles, are a very short and fine needle with a round eye.
  • Traditionally they were used by tailors and professional sewers and today they are most commonly used in the art of quilting.
  • The diameter of the needle is the same as a Sharp needle however they are much shorter in length. The short length allows the quilter to create quick and even stitching


  • Sizes

Size 1 41mm length x 1.02mm diameter

Size 3 39mm length x 0.86mm diameter

Size 5 35mm length x 0.76mm diameter


  • Our envelopes contain 25 Needles
  • Plastic free packaging 


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