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Hancock's - Cloth Marking Kit

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 Hancock's - Fabric Marking Kit

The Fabric Marking Kit is designed for use by students studying clothing design and manufacture or interior fabric design. It is also ideal for the home dressmaker or sewing hobbyist.

Kit Contains :

  • Garment Marking Chalk -often known as Tailors Crayon
  • Chalk Sharpener - for maintaining the all important fine edge.
  • Colour range of Cloth Markers - often used in design and buttonhole detail.
  • Pattern Pencil - for use on paper patterns.
  • Double ended Vanishing Blue felt tip - pen complete with eraser for use on delicate, stretch, and pastel materials.
  • I piece of 100% Natural Beeswax. - used to waterproof, strengthen and prevent thread  tangling (as the beeswax is a natural product it may vary in colour)

Dark coloured markers should be used with EXTREME CAUTION on pastel coloured material. The standard precautions should always be taken before marking–up.*



 HANCOCK’S produce a range of fabric markers to suit the tailor/dress maker and garment manufacturing industries. Manufactured in England they provide traditional and high quality products you can trust!