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Sewing Gem - 100% Natural Beeswax

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Sewing Gem - 100% Natural Beeswax

Tailor’s Beeswax is the perfect sewing tool for strengthening your thread and preventing knots when hand sewing and felling. Now in a handy cardboard pot.

  • Natural beeswax provides a density and lubrication to your thread preventing tangles and knots.
  • It allows thread to glide through fabrics more easily
  • Use to lubricate zips
  • 100% natural 
  • 100% plastic free packaging, fully biodegradable
  • Handmade in the uk. 
  • Essential tool for every sewing box!

Guide for Use

Once you have loaded your thread onto the needle press your thread closest to the eye of the needle down onto the beeswax using your thumb. With the other hand pull on the needle allowing your thread to glide along the beeswax, repeat 2/ 3 times.

Then using an iron, press the thread to melt the wax into the thread fibres. (you may want to use a pressing cloth to prevent wax transfer onto your ironing board) 

Makers Tip - For speed load up as many needles as you have and press in batches and you'll glide through your hand sewing without stopping for knots and tangles or to press your threads!



Manufactured by Rowland Sandwith LTD, Dorset, England.