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Dylon - Permanent Fabric Dye For The Machine - Wash and Dye

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Refresh a faded garment with Dylon machine wash and dye! 

Breathing new life into a faded top or old pair of jeans has never been so easy, with Wash & Dye reviving colour is as simple as it sounds.

Dylon Wash & Dye's unique all-in-one formula dyes fabrics as it washes them, so you can achieve an intense new look and take faded garments back to black with minimum effort.

Dylon Wash & Dye gives your dark colours renewed intensity with permanent results you can be proud of. One pack will dye up to 500g of fabric (E.g. a large pair of jeans), to the full shade or rejuvenate the colour on up to 1kg of fabric.

Patterns on the fabric may also still be visible after dyeing. Stains, faded areas or bleach marks may not always be fully covered by the dye.

Suitable fabrics for dying include cotton, linen, viscose rayon, and ramie. Wool, silk, polyester/cotton and polyester/viscose blends will dye to a lighter shade.

Pure polyester, acrylic, nylon, and fabrics with special finishes are not suitable to dye. 

PLEASE NOTE : Dylon recently changed the name Velvet Black to Intense Black, the dye colour remains the same. 

Directions for use: 

    1. Wearing rubber gloves, empty Wash & Dye powder into washing machine drum & add dry fabric.
    2. Immediately run a 40°C cotton cycle without pre-wash or economy setting.
    3. Add normal washing detergent & run another 40°C cotton cycle to remove excess dye from fabric & to clean the machine.
    4. Dry fabric as normal, away from sunlight and heat.


 Fabric dye may cause serious eye or skin irritation. It may also cause breathing difficulties or asthma response if inhaled. Please wear protective gloves and eye/face production during use. Avoid breathing in dye dust. Keep out of reach of children.