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Sewing Gem UK

Sewing Gem - Wooden Clapper - Pressing Tool

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Sewing Gem - Handmade Oak Wooden Clapper - 9"
Made from sustainably sourced oak from forests governed by The Forest Stewardship Council 
The clapper is used to flatten bulky facings, collars, edges, buttonholes pleats and hems. Pressing with the clapper after steam ironing forces moisture out and creates a sharp edge without scortching the cloth.
Use clapper to beat or 'clap' the steam into the fabric, leaving a less bulky turning, superb edge or flattened seam. 
Please note, the clappers may have grain and colour variations which do not affect the use of the product. 
How to use your tailor's clapper: Place garment right side up on a flat surface. Steam iron an area the size of clapper. Immediately apply clapper, pressing firmly for a few seconds   

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