Sewing Gem Round-Up for July and August - What’s new?

It’s been a while since we updated you on what’s been going on at Sewing Gem, so here’s a round-up of all things new...

Techy stuff

The last month has seen us working behind the scenes to move to a different website provider. Hopefully this will make navigating around the site easier (particularly on the mobile site) and will provide a much better customer experience overall. We are also now able to offer services services such as thread matching and After Pay. Feedback on your experience of using the website is always greatly appreciated.  

Sew along

Mum and I are still taking part in the Gertie B6556 sew-along and there will be an updated blog post soon. Must admit we have got a little side-tracked. Both bodices are made and we are up to skirt and zipper insertion. If you’re still keen to join in, but didn’t quite make it first time around the pattern is still available here. We have a little family holiday planned in September and we have both vowed to have our dresses made by then so we can have a little photoshoot together. Photos to follow soon!                            

Sewing Gem Round-Up For July And August - Whats NewSewing Gem Round-Up For July And August - Whats New


Next Photoshoot

Garments for the next photoshoot are well under-way (you may have seen a few sneak peaks on our instagram and facebook). We have the Sew Over It Ultimate Pencil Skirt, True Bias Ogden Cami (a summer staple!) and Tadah! Jaunty dress being sew-up as we speak. We also have some beautiful pink girly Stof jersey on order for the Jaunty - the perfect wardrobe staple for little girls. Can't wait to share the photos with you.

Sewing Gem Round-Up For July And August - Whats New


Project sharing

As we expand the store we are keen to see what you have been making and creating with our products and fabrics. There is a new facebook group called ‘Sewing Gem’s Den’ where projects can be posted and shared. We can’t wait to see your beautiful makes!! There will also updates on new products and vlog and blog releases. You can join the group below:

Sewing Gem's Den
Facebook Group
Sewing Gem Round-Up For July And August - Whats New Join Group
Sewing Gem's Den is a place for you to share your creations that you've made using fabric, patterns or notions from the Sewing Gem Store. We'll keep ...


What's New In Store...

New Fabric

There’s been a variety of new fabric in the store including some pretty new florals and fun Kombi van/fox/hedgehog etc quilting cottons. We are also really excited to begin stocking a variety of dressmaking fabrics, including Broderie anglaise and a beautiful floral viscose. Hopefully by the time we send out our next update we will also have plain cotton sateens available. As mentioned in the previous update we now also sell a beautiful Linda Linen in a range of colours. We do have more colours available in the linen so if you are looking for a particular colour we may well be able to source it for you. Just send us an email here.

Sewing Gem Round-Up For July And August - Whats NewSewing Gem Round-Up For July And August - Whats New

When Sewing Gem began, just a few months back, there was a definite focus on providing fun and beautiful fabrics for children’s clothes and as a result that meant stocking mainly cotton and knit fabrics. We are growing all the time and whilst we are keen to continue providing a great selection of children’s fabrics we also want to move into stocking beautiful dressmaking fabrics. Sewing both children's and ‘grown-up’ clothes is something that many sewers do interchangeably and we want to offer a wider selection of fabrics to meet the needs of these sewers. We hope you like what you see.

Sewing Gem Round-Up For July And August - Whats NewSewing Gem Round-Up For July And August - Whats New


Woolly nylon

In the haberdashery department we’ve begun stocking woolly nylon in black, beige, natural and white.

Seam Ripper (Button-hole Style)

At the request of my fantastic sewing teacher we also now stock the buttonhole style seam rippers. All the ladies I sew with on a Tuesday have commented on how effective they are for unpicking. Let’s be honest most sewers are keen to reduce the time spent with a seam ripper in hand!

Clover Chaco Pens

These are fantastic for fabric marking and come in a range of colours. Check them out here.

Sewing Gem Round-Up For July And August - Whats New


Hot Hemmers

 These are fantastic for hemming. A must have ironing staple.

Sewing Gem Round-Up For July And August - Whats New


We love these metric grading rulers. It's great to see that they are actually manufactured here in Australia. The markings are etched on to the ruler so they won’t fade over time. What's even better is that they are thick enough to use with a rotary cutter.

Sewing Gem Round-Up For July And August - Whats New



Piping cord in three sizes is now available. There is also a selection of ready made piping and trims in a variety of colours.  


We’ve a new Tadah! Pattern in stock too. Take a look at the pleatie dress and playsuit - the perfect casual and comfy outfit for the summer months ahead.

We are also looking into stocking Tilly and The Buttons patterns. Let us know if this is something you’d like to see and if so which one would be your go to!!

Sewing Kits

 Alongside our upcoming Vlog (currently being edited) - Sewing a Doggy Bandana,  we are in the process of putting together a Doggy Bandana Sewing Kit. A great scrap-buster!


Sewing Gem Round-Up For July And August - Whats New

The kit includes:

  • Trace and Toile to create your own pattern
  • Grading ruler to draw up pattern
  • Interfacing (whit lightweight woven)
  • 3 metres of Cord (three sizes, 00, 0, 1 available, select at check out)
  • Double sided basting tape (so helpful for applying piping and lots of other things when sewing!)

Once the vlog is ready to go, this kit will also be made available on the site too with a 15% discount when sold as a kit. All items are also sold individually if you don't need the whole kit. We decided not to include the fabric as we are keen for this to be a stash/scrap buster project, but obviously you can buy this separately if you had something particular in mind!

New Stock Enquiries

Some of our new stock has come to be due to enquiries from rural customers. As an online store we are very keen to help our rural customers where we can. Whether you live rurally or otherwise please do get in touch if there is anything you would like to see stocked. If we can, we will do our best to do so.

Thanks for reading and as always we'd love to hear from you. Thanks to all our customers for their support also.

Until next time...

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