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  • Tadah! Patterns - Chillax Pants Set Big Kids - All Products
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Tadah! Patterns - Chillax Pants Set, Big Kids

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From the young kids to the fashion conscious teens, this pattern will definitely get them movin’ and groovin’ in style with these funky and super-comfortable pants.

Available in the casual and oh-so practical Slouch design or more formal but equally cozy Harem look, this is a pattern tailored for children and all the jumping, skipping, hopping, running and dancing they so freely embrace.

Both the Slouch and Harem styles can be created using either knit or woven fabrics and they range in size from 4 through to size 14.

Each design features optional pockets and a single piece front section, making them one of the easiest pattern styles to cut and complete in no time at all!

The Harem pants boast wider legs with elastic at the ankle, while the Slouch style includes a drop crotch and narrow calf, with traditional hem finish.

Either way it’s the perfect wardrobe option for the playroom, the play date and even the serious styling of the school disco.

You bring the scissors and stitching, the kids will take care of the groove!