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Stitch Buzz

Stitch Buzz - Quick Pocket

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 Stitch Buzz - Quick Pocket

The Quick Pocket is a super quick template system for adding a welt or zipper pocket to most anything.   The acrylic templates are like a durable pattern that greatly reduces measuring and they work great with a rotary cutter. The included booklet makes how to sew a pocket, simple. Don’t stop with just putting pockets on clothes either. Welt or zipper pockets can be put on totes, bags, aprons, blankets, purses, backpacks and more.
The Quick Pocket includes 4 different templates. One template is for a 4 ½ inch pocket opening, and the other for a 5 ½ inch opening.  And, each template has a smaller template - the cut line insert.  The cut line insert makes cutting the pocket opening stress-free.
Each template has an 1/8th inch grid, top-stitching guides, centering notches and graphics.  You can cut the welts, the interfacing and the pocket bag (plus length) with the templates.
But that is not all!  Most importantly, there is a 10 page booklet with step-by-step instructions, tons of colorful graphics, and tips.  So if you are a beginner, we have you covered.
At Stitch Buzz, we want you to have beautiful, accurate, and practical sewing tools that save time and improve the look of your finished projects; so you have the time to put your feet up and admire your creations.
🧡VIDEO tutorial by INSIDE THE HEM: 🧡