Tips On Tuesday - Adding A Trim To A Hem

Adding a trim to a garment can add an interesting detail (and a little length for growing kids). Trims can also be added to sleeve hems and neck ruffles. 

Here's an example of adding a broderie trim to a red, checked dress. 



To add trim to your own hem follow the steps below:

1. Press your hem up 6mm (1/4 inch).


2. Press your hem up again 1.2cm (1/2 inch).


3. Unfold the hem so you can see your crease lines and the right side of the garment is facing you.


4. Place the trim and garment right sides together with the part of the trim that you want to be seen (and will be on the outside of the garment when the hem is finished) facing away from the hem (the left side of the crease line). The part of the trim that is nearest the hem and on the right of the crease line will not be seen. Stitch in place along the crease line.



5.  Refold your hem as your pressed it in step 1 and 2 and pin from the wrong side at the edge of the hem.


6. Stitch in place.


From the wrong side.

 From the right side.



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