Bebekins Polly Pinafore - The Pretty Pictures

I recently made a couple of Bebekins Polly Pinafores. I've written a separate blog on how I used an exposed zipper (rather than button closure), which you can read here, but this blog is more about the pretty pictures.

This was the first time I'd made the Polly Pinafore and I have to say I love the pattern. I think it is the vintage look of the dress that I was drawn to, plus being able to layer it easily for the Brisbane winter (which you can't really call winter, but it does get a little chilly at times and long sleeves are required).


 As you'll see the dresses I made are with zippers, rather than button closures, which was really the only major change I made. 

I was aware that my knowledge of installing exposed zippers was lacking (the others; lapped, centred, invisible I have down-pat), but the exposed sort needed practise, particularly in a lined garment and I was in the mood for learning something new.


The red check dress idea originally came about after my eldest daughter chose Ruby Red Shoes as her book week dress-up. The pattern fitted the style of the character well and more to the point I'd been wanting to make a Polly Pinafore for a while.

I used a red check linen from the Sewing Gem store, along with white piping for the waist and flutter sleeve. I also used a broderie trim from the store too for the hem.

The yellow dress came about quite unexpectedly - I started making it as a sample to demonstrate the exposed zipper process and I decided half way through that the yellow wasn't quite a offensive as I first thought, in fact I actually quite liked it, and that perhaps spending the time attaching the skirt wouldn't be such a bad idea. I had navy thread in my overlocker so very lazily left it as is - and luckily I loved the combination of a rolled hem on the overlocker.

Once it was almost complete I started googling book characters that wear yellow dresses for my younger daughter. The outcome was a Little Miss Sunshine book week dress up. I'll add some red ribbons and freckles and Bob's your Uncle:) You will notice that it is way too big for her. I didn't start out making this dress for her, it just came to be. Hopefully the little shortie will grow in to it! She's been calling it her Miss Sunny dress:) 

One tip I would give is to use a glue or basting tape to hold the lining down when you top stitch the lining down from the front.

The rolled hem on the overlocker gave a really nice alternative finish to the hem and flutter sleeve on the yellow dress. We now stock maxi-lock swirl threads at Sewing Gem which I think would look fantastic for this.

Adding the piping is fairly straight forward - you just need to cut an extra pair of flutter sleeves and sandwich the piping between them.

 It's a great little pattern and I definitely recommend! 


Here's the book week costume versions...




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