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Stitch Buzz

Stitch Buzz - Sleeve Placket Template

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 Stitch Buzz - Sleeve Placket Template

*Special Introductory Price*

Take your classic shirt to the professional level! Introducing the first ever acrylic sleeve placket template, This template will produce a 1-inch wide sleeve placket. The 1-inch width will accommodate buttons or snaps.  It is precision cut 1/16th" thick acrylic for  accuracy. It has cut outs to mark the fold lines, pencil holes to help with stitching the vent, and numbered fold lines to aid the directions. You will be making sensational sleeves!

Sleeve plackets can be like sewing origami.  This template is super simple to use. It is a full colour clear template to help make a great sleeve placket without frustration. The clear acrylic will help line up fabric print, details and even embroidery designs on the tall column. Enclosed is a full colour booklet for directions and additional resources.

How To video by Lindsey of INSIDE THE HEM:

Watch how to on Instagram here 

Approximately 8" x 4" and 1/16th inch thick clear acrylic. A thinner acrylic was used for pencil hole and fold line cut outs accuracy.

Watch an interview with Stitch Buzz' Designer Clair Cochran here

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