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Milward - Point Presser with Clapper - Beech Wood

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Milward - Point Presser with Clapper - Beech Wood

The clever point presser is used to press seams open in difficult to reach places such as inside pointed and curved collars, lapels, facings and men's ties.
It allows you to press all the way to the collar points or around curved collars.  The finish this gives collars is so much more professional as a result. The point presser is double ended, one for sharp, pointed collars the other for rounded collars seams or facings. The tailor clapper which forms the base of your point presser is used to flatten bulky edges of facings, edges, pleats, buttonholes, hems and pleats.

Please note, the timber may have grain and colour variations which do not affect the use of the product. 
How to use your point presser/tailor clapper. With the collar/lapel/facing inside-out, slip over the point presser, press seams open. Turn to right side and press again using the clapper to press edges beautifully.
Product dimensions: 10cm x 28cm x 10cm 

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