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John James

John James - Pebbles - Hand Sewing Needles

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John James - Pebbles  - Hand Sewing Needles


The John James Pebble "finest quality hand sewing needles in a Pebble" is a must have for every sewing box and handbag. The hand sewing Pebble is easy to use and is a fabulous sewing accessory and storage unit in one.


  • Quilting Needles - 3/9 

This handy Latte coloured sewing pebble contains size 3 to size 9 short fine quilting sewing needles with round threading eyes.

The pebbles are a neat and convenient way to store all your needles!

Contains 16 sewing needles.


  • Tapestry Needles 18/24

This lavender coloured pebble contains size 18 to size 24 tapestry sewing needles with large threading eyes and blunt points.

Contains 6 sewing needles.


  • Sharps Needles 3/9

This peppermint green pebble contains size 3 to size 9 sharps, general purpose hand sewing needles with sharp points.

Contains 16 needles.


  • Household Needles

This vivacious pink pebble contains an assorted range of general hand sewing needles for all sewing needs.

Contains 12 hand sewing needles.

  • Darners Needles

This primrose lemon coloured pebble contains size 3 to size 9 darners, sewing needles with sharp points for mending and general repair.

Contains 12 Needles


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