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Clover - Mini Iron II - "The Adaptor"

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Clover - Mini Iron II - "The Adaptor"

  • This small, light iron is very easy to handle and is used to press small areas.
  • It features a safety cover and switch on the handle to protect hands and fingers.
  • Small iron tip - Enables you to press only the necessary areas.
  • Safety cover - Protects hands and fingers coming into contact with the heated conductor.
  • Thick handle - It fits into your hand comfortably for smooth craftwork.
  • Handy switch - It also features a dial for heat control and an on/off switch on the handle.
  • Pilot lamp - you can see the power is on with one look.
  • 2-step heat control
  • Convenient not only for patchwork and quilt but also for sewing and other various handcrafts.