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Sewing Gem

Sewing Gem - Bone Capping Die for Spiral Steel Boning

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Sewing Gem - Bone Capping Die

  • Constructed from high quality plastic
  • 1 pair
  • compatible with 6mm (1/4") steel spiral boning
  • compatible with Vario Pliers

When working with steel spiral boning, it is important that your boning is  finished carefully, to prevent any sharp edges of the steel from damaging your garment. 

These bone-capping die make crimping aluminium tips onto the ends of 6mm (1/4") steel boning so fast and easy. We recommend only using Aluminium caps with the Die to ensure no damage is caused to the die. 

Spiral steel boning(coming soon), aluminium caps, and Vario Pliers sold separately.